Steffen Kämper is not only a notary and a lawyer specializing in commercial legal protection, but his long-running private interest in NFTs also makes him the perfect tour guide for introducing tech enthusiasts to the (NFT) legal framework, especially the one in Germany.

The idea for this episode came about at the kitchen table, so to speak. Steffen is Marcus' brother-in-law and there have always been interesting discussions with Steffen that we wanted to make available to a wider audience.

So, what are some important basic legal concepts in the NFT context? What about NFTs and consumer protection? What do I do in the case of incorrectly programmed smart contracts? In the future, will NFT- and crypto-related disputes settled before non-public arbitration courts only? And why are we being led to Lichtenstein at the end of our tour?

Episode hosts: Marcus Koring, Carsten Mönning

Audio producer: Klaus Reinhardt


  • Kämper & Maiwald:
  • Vollstreckung in Crypto:
  • Daten sind keine Sachen:
  • Lichtenstein Blockchain Act:
  • The article addressed in the podcast, Blockchain-based Smart Contracts in the Light of Consumer Law, by Maximilian Kloth (VuR 2022, 214) is not publicly available, unfortunately.