On September 27th, Markus Stahl (Test Automation Architect, Arvato Systems) followed the invitation for speaking at the Camunda User Group Rheinland. The event took place during the Digital Week Dortmund (https://diwodo.de/) which is a 1 week with 177 single, decentral events about digital transformation.

Together with Nele Uhlemann (Senior Developer Advocate, Camunda) they gave an impulse where to find Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on the overall map of Process Automation and how to facilitate Robot Framework for integrating robotic tasks with an automated process in Camunda. Included was a live hacking session and a lively exchange exploring new possibilities and tools already during the talk.

The ongoing exchange went on for 2 more hours about:

  • Different levels of automation in individual industries (insurrance, banks, energy market)
  • How misleading the "P" in RPA is
  • What UiPath is actually good at
  • How BPMN creates a common understanding for all stakeholder
  • Different approaches of "back to office"
  • Quickest way to either next week's Robocon or Camundacon

Markus gave also a reference for managing complicated test flows with Camunda, which might be a use case for the energy projects at Arvato Systems where distributed 3rd party system are required for testing internal application. Test automation in banking has the same challenge. A use case how to handle long running test cases with Camunda will be presented at RoboconDE during QS Tag in first week of October.

If you are at QS Tag already, you can join the Robocon track. Or you purchase a cheaper Robocon-only ticket. The conference is on-premise only and the first outside Finland which is a unique opportunity participating in a new chapter of community work for Robot Framework. 


Teaser Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash