Niall Deehan (Senior Developer Advocate at Camunda) and Markus Stahl (Tech Sharing Evangelist at Arvato Systems) paired for podcast about Robot Framework and Camunda. 

💬 They chat about origins of Robot Framework and Camunda and how both technologies evolved from their origin in totally new use cases. The difference between an Open Source Foundation and Open Source company, benefits of authentic communtiy grooming, Camunda as a service, and the advantage of using Robot Framework instead of popular RPA suites.

🤩 Curious? Get your favorite drink and tune in on Camunda Nation Podcast, Season 4, Episode 5:

Did you know...❓

Robocorp is a company providing tools and platforms based on Robot Framework.

One of the first companies adopting Robot Framework with Camunda 7 in production was Deutsche Post Adress as they announced on their Tech Blog in 2020.

The centrtal concept for cloud based process orchestration - the external task pattern - was invented unintentionally.