Optimization of hotline announcements

With Microsoft's "Azure Speech Studio", we will be able to create and/or optimize hotline announcements with little effort. Instead of using language talents from our own customer service teams or hiring an external agency, we will be able to ask Jenny, Louisa, Alain and many other neural voices from Microsoft to "speak" the hotline announcements for us.

With just a few clicks, the extremely user-friendly "Speech Studio" tool offers possibilities to adjust different voices, languages, speech speed, etc. to  suit us and our customers. This eliminates bottlenecks in terms of voice coverage as  well as expensive costs for external agencies  or disturbing background noise or the like during  your own recording.

Thanks to this digital solution, it is now possible to create or change hotline announcements within a very short time. The speech output can be played and refined until it meets the quality requirements. Individual details such as an email address, the opening hours or  cut-off times that change, can be easily adjusted without having to re-enter the whole announcement.

This Text-To-S peech (TTS) solution is therefore not only faster, more flexible and cheaper than previous solutions, but also scalable across all clients and languages and of equivalent quality. It was therefore piloted at "Mediverse" at short notice and will now be rolled out to existing and new customers in the near future.